Alpha release date & timeline

Hello everyone!

We’ve done a lot of server testing over the last month. I’m glad to say that we’ve been able to fix the bugs that came up, and implement the necessary server administration features. We believe we’re ready for a first alpha, where we will invite people from the community to test our server.

The first alpha stage will begin on October 26th, 2017.

We’ve mentioned before that we’d like the alpha selection process to work in a fair way, and we’ve come up with a process that we think will help with this.

We’ve decided not to base alpha access on giving out keys, but instead via applications. Everyone who wants to join the alpha can submit an application describing why they want to join, and after filtering out spam we randomly select from the submissions. This will help with duplicates, and complications with people asking for keys.

We’ve decided to start low with 20 slots available for the first alpha stage. This is so we can analyze how well the server responds to multiple players playing simultaneously, and possibly optimize the server to work more efficiently under these conditions. After we complete our analysis, and implement bug fixes and optimizations, we will expand the alpha in later stages to include more players and features.

To explain the process, here’s a timeline:

September 30 (Today) Alpha application phase starts. From now on, people are able to submit their application for alpha.
October 14 Alpha application phase ends. People will still be able to submit applications, but they will count towards a later stage, not the one beginning on October 26.
October 21 After filtering out spam and randomly selecting applications, we announce the selections on October 21. Selected applicants will be notified via mail about the next steps.
October 26 Alpha Stage 1 starts, with 20 selected people.
Later Once testing with the initial group of 20 people is successful, we will open up the alpha to more people in later stages.

We’ve written up some more detailed explanations in our Alpha FAQ. Check it out if you’ve got a question, or post in the forums.

You’ll be able to submit your applications to the first stage starting now, until October 14. Click below to start your application for a chance to be selected.

Apply for Alpha

We’ve been wanting to do an alpha for a while now, and we’re glad we’re now able to start the process. Check back on October 21 when we announce the selections.

See you all in game!
– lcdr

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  1. Hello Icdr,

    The reason why I want the Alpha key is basically because i love lego universe and when i was 7 i first played this game and it was a awesome experience but my parents hadn t bought the full version so I had to stay in Avant Gardens. I really want to discover the other part of lego universe.I m also one of the first people who found you on YouTube (my name on youtubePhineasDerFetteSpassti) and i was really hyped.So I hope i m able to get the alpha key.

    PS;Sorry for my bad english.I m from Germany

    Yours sincerely


  2. I want to play Lego Universe because when the servers were closed I was very sad.I was looking for all options to play LU.When I heard about lcdr I was very interested about it.I will be very happy when I will be able to play LU ang get the application.
    Greeting to lcdr and all explorers!
    P.S Sorry for bad English 😉

  3. if i am picked, somehow… I hope to be able to supply footage to the community through youtube. I want to do a lets play series on the topic and allow other LU content creators to use my footage (through asking through email, so my footage doesn’t go on some things i don’t want it to… or just plagiarized) I know they are randomly picked, but I hope my luck will cut through, or the very little I have for that matter. Good luck with this and honestly, this is such a great project and you really put time and effort into it.

    Best Of Luck,
    (youtube name / account name)

  4. Would be cool to get in this…i have a lot on my plate but id love to test the game out for you and see how smoothly it plays out.

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