lcdr Universe is a server project to create a fully working, 100% game compatible server for LEGO Universe. We value a complete, faithful implementation, with attention to detail and in keeping with the spirit of the original game.
Our project consists of the most experienced developers, having been the initial spark for LU servers:


Humanoid figured out how to decrypt packet captures from the original LU servers and wrote the very first server prototype back in December 2013, capable of completing the login and character selection process. At the time, there was no LUNI, no DLU, and it was still up in the air whether a server emulator was even possible. Humanoid proved it was.

Humanoid currently works on network & packet research.


lcdr joined the server community in January 2014, and modified humanoid’s prototype to be able to load worlds.

He’s been responsible for the implementation of lcdr Universe.


Back in January 2014, when lcdr published the first version to be able to load worlds, the community hyped up the initial prototypes remarkably, even though they were mostly proof-of-concepts, without working features. Some took the prototypes and hosted them themselves. Others objected to this, concerned with the unreasonable amounts of hype and copyright infringement. The community fell apart. From the fragments emerged the beginnings of LUNI, DLU and lcdr Universe.

lcdr & humanoid, preferring development over hype, continued their work in private, researching the packets and implementing a server. However, they made their research available publicly, a valuable base of knowledge which LUNI and DLU relied upon for their implementation.


Now, three years after the spark that set it all in motion, we believe our implementation is mature enough to be made available to the public. Our focus on development has resulted in a codebase stacked with support for almost all features of LEGO Universe. Missions, Achievements, Model Building and Worlds (including Nimbus Station, Gnarled Forest, Forbidden Valley, Crux Prime and Nexus Tower) are all supported. We are confident our implementation is the best out there, and we can’t wait to share it with you all in an upcoming Alpha!