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    Hello, Minifigures!

    Many of you may remember the Nexus Force Championships fro–
    The LUCH has already taken that idea – you are meant to be doing stuff preparing for it.
    Ah, yes. About that.. So…

    This is totally unrelated to the Nexus Force Championships; it is the Championships of the Nexus Force.

    (To clarify, because apparently I’m not as funny as I like to think, this was a joke – I don’t actually have a name for it…)

    At about this point it’d be a fair question to ask what the heck is Nunja going on about. And the answer is that you spoke, we listened. In the survey I held a while back, a huge majority of people said that they’d like to take part in competitions, and so we’ve decided to start running some competitions, so that even if you aren’t selected for the alpha, you can still get involved with LEGO Universe. And, whilst the most popular request for a prize was for unique in-game items, we’re going to start a little smaller, and build up (I don’t want to be giving out some cool unique items for 1st, 2nd and 3rd, when only 3 people have entered), initially beginning with coin-based prizes, and changing based on the interest received and your opinions.

    Any questions?
    Competitions will be open to all users, not just those current in lcdrU, and with the coin rewards to be given to their account on request (noting that progress may be wipe between phases, so you may want to wait until live).
    The most popular competitions were treasure hunt style activities and creative competitions (there were a few requests to broaden from just visual things to media such as text and real LEGO models, though, so it will be a broad topic on which to work), so those will be the first two competitions.
    I’ll be posting them on these forums, and will place an announcement in the lcdrU Discord.
    I’d recommend checking back here regularly, anyway, but expect an announcement, here and on Discord, about the May 4th. (And if Discord people could ping me around then, so I remember, that’d be great).
    Art thou, Romeo?

    Oh, and a little bit on rules. I’ll produce proper rules for the competitions which I will post with them, but teaming will be allowed in the treasure hunt (although with the prize, somewhere in the region of 10-15 thousand coins will have to be split between team-members, so think carefully about teaming), meaning that you may want to introduce yourselves to one another down below, and start planning a team!

    Finally, I should state that I’ll be very open to feedback on these events, so talk to me here or find me on Discord (I’m in the lcdrU, LUCH, OpCrux, No Theme Plaza and DLU Discords – amongst others), and I look forward to hearing what you all have to say.

    Thanks for your time,


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    I look forward in competing in these competitions.


    Sounds like fun


    Sounds very funny

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