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    Blue (Valyn)Blue (Valyn)

    I already posted a roleplay poll on the forums earlier (I couldn’t find the thread, so I had to create a new one, sorry!)

    For all of you role-players out there, I plan on releasing a roleplay sometime in the future (I had mentioned it a few times and gave a release date, but failed to deliver due to real life conflicts and more thinking time to think about my roleplay).

    I posted this post at the DLU forums as well, so don’t feel inclined to reply on both forums if you think you do.

    I want to start work on a new roleplay soon. I plan to keep the roleplay open for as long as possible (it will make sense). However, I would appreciate very much giving some player feedback to make the experience as enjoyable as possible.

    Question 1: Do you prefer a more free flowing, non dice or mathematical roleplay over a more logic based, mathematical roleplay (don’t worry, it won’t be stale and strict to rules. It will just have a better way to gauge success and failures fairly.)?

    Question 2: Do you want to learn how to play as you go or learn all the rules before you start?

    If there are any more comments of any sort regarding roleplays (whether it be in the story related or not), please leave them here as well. 🙂



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    Well… I’m a little late to this, sorry, Valyn! And I’m sure you know my answers, but:

    1) I prefer a free-flowing roleplay. It can be strict within the laws of physics in the game, to make it fair, but that’s where my opinion lies on it. Although, when I do an LU roleplay, I tend not to consider it in an adversarial way – or at least in the ones I have done, it’s always us against the Maelstrom, so there’s less of an issue of two people fighting in an unfair way.

    2) I’m guessing this is more directed at more dice based roleplays, in which case, I’m more pro-learning as I go along.

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