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    (This was a fanfic project done between the collaborative efforts of myself and Mustacheman12)

    Day 1, 8:00

    Here marks the day of my departure. I have been assigned to help work the engines, and computer systems on the Venture Explorer, the Nexus Force’s newest cargo ship, a marvel of engineering, designed in collaboration between the factions of the Venture League and Assembly, we’re commanded by the legendary Nexus Force war hero Captain Sky Lane, the sheer morale raised by her presence is indeed felt by every crew member, many of whom share stories of her outstanding exploits. Although it pains me I will be leaving behind my wonderful daughter, Lisa, in the hands of a good friend for the duration of the trip. To me this mission is for her future, the success of the Nexus Force is imperative, as it will ensure that she, her generation, and future generations of minifigures will one day freely roam the universe, armed with the same wonder and excitement that fuels me and my fellows today.

    For some inexplicable reason however, I don’t feel nervous, even under the pressure of such a salient task. Instead, I feel excited, I’ve always loved machinery, it’s a spectacular art that allows for boundless adventure, as well as creativity, and what better way to quench, and expand upon my thirst for adventure, my undying creativity, than to journey on such a fine, and elegant vessel? Our mission is simple yet for some reason, my instincts are tugging at me from underneath, I cannot help but feel as though there’s more to it than this… We are to carry cargo and new Nexus Force recruits to Nimbus Station, I’m eager to see such a beautiful island, as it is indeed the greatest stronghold for imagination in the Nimbus System.

    As the door opens and we enter, everyone is met by a lovely blue ambience inside the ship and shakes hands with the crew. The passengers are instructed to climb into the hypersleep pods to save resources, while I and other engineers are told to go to the engine room and prepare for takeoff. The craftsmanship of this ship bares the mark and reputation of the assembly faction, with twin engines powered by nothing else than the glorious resource of imagination. The senior engineer instructs us to engage primary systems, and we start the engines. A gradual yet gentle hum fills the room. Next stop – Nimbus Station.

    Day 5, 16:00

    Nothing much has happened over the past few days, only so much occurs on a cargo ship. But today has been interesting to say the least. A strange creature has been spotted roaming the halls, and even the ship’s scientist ended up scratching her head at it. I’m not quite sure as to how to describe it, but I’ll do my best. It has long, almost shimmering red fangs adorn its grey, gigantic mouth, its eyes are a beedy, violent red, yet they seemingly passive, harmless, almost like those of a newborn puppy or kitten, its stone grey legs are accompanied by clawing, gripping talons, and its backend demeanor is equipped with a long, red, almost shimmering, multi-spike equipped tail.

    I declined the offer to try and catch it, as I am not good with pets, as I’m told however, Skylane designated the creature as “important cargo” and has, through a skill with animals that was previously unknown to me, ushered it into a particular part of the cargo room which is closed off to all but a few senior members of the crew. I have also noticed that one of the ship’s lead designers is on board, likely to fix any possible flaws with the design, and assist in operation of the ship on its first voyage through the often dangerous Nimbus System. Neither I, nor my co-workers know his name, yet he always seems to have a look of distress on him, twitching when us engineers talk of a broken wire or a little extra smoke, because of this my instincts often wonder if he might be hiding something, his paranoia is a little strange after all, especially around such a well-designed ship.

    I still find myself missing Lisa, and for some reason I often feel a strange urge to make her something to eat, even though on this ship, she and my kitchen are nonexistent. I will send her a message she surely… what was that!? I and my fellow crew members are feeling a violent rumble, its as though thunder has viciously struck the ship! But there’s no thunder in space…could this be the maelstrom!? My instincts are telling me something is wrong, and I hope we don’t meet the same fate as others who have encountered the vast, violent, frenzied rage that is the Maelstrom.

    Day 6, 6:00

    That horrible, riotous rumbling has finally stopped, because of it I haven’t slept well at all. Today an engineer is out sick, so I am to replace him in engine room two whilst he makes what I hope will be a speedy recovery. I watch the dials on the engine, making sure it doesn’t overheat, and that the fuel circulates. Jim, my coworker and friend, patrols the area, making sure there are no breaches or failures. Jim is a talkative one, friendly, flamboyant, passionate about engineering, and a father, it’s no wonder we hit it off so quickly. I hear a faint squeak near me, and ask him to check the pipes. He sees a moving screw and is about to mend it with his wrenches, when the screw violently tears out of its place and hits Jim directly in the head! I rush over to help, my body filled with adrenaline, but in my frantical rush, I trip over a stray toolbox, my hand landing on a control panel which causes a pressure dial to vigorously turn. The pipe harshly bursts, and a beautiful, bright, sparkly multi-shaded blue liquid sprays and floods the room.

    We begin to glow a bright blue, and I feel a great, inexplicable power surge run through my veins. Wasting no further time, I hurry, and grab an incapacitated Jim by the feet and pull him out of the room, closing the bulkhead behind me to prevent any further flooding. Sky Lane and the panicked and sweaty ships designer come rushing to help. I tell them a pipe burst and the room has flooded. As you may guess, a flying ship is not exactly equipped with bilge pumps, so Sky Lane ordered us to fetch as many buckets as could possibly carry, in an effort to drain the room. The room was eventually, through probably half an hour of almost backbreaking labour, fully drained, and our team of engineers was ordered to prevent any further leakages, and to conduct a formal risk assessment, which certainly proved frustrating. Yet the ship’s designer insisted we do it, he oversaw us throughout the whole thing, watching us like a hawk, it was clear something was amiss for him, yet none of us dared question him, he was distraught enough already.

    Unfortunately, an all too familiar rumbling has come upon us again. I find a peephole on the engineering deck, and see a malevolent purple cloud of pure chaos. The Maelstrom shoots small, stray lightning bolts which violently scatter through open space. Then I see it… a horrifying, almost psychopath like face emerges in the vast openness of space. I begin to sweat and shake, my chest tenses up, and it feels as though my blood is being brutishly squeezed in the top of my forehead. A massive, fierce lightning bolt strikes the ship with fury, and causes it to descend.

    Suddenly I’m shaken off balance, and fall to my feet. A siren began to run as an engineer comes out from engine room one, exclaiming that the engine is in flames. I stagger to my feet, but as I do, the ship suddenly makes brutal contact with a stray island fragment. The ship’s support structure screams and cries as metal twists and turns. Half of the ceiling along with a support beam at the bow is gone. Several primary systems are failing. The ceiling begins to warp and the bow groans with the struggle of keeping itself together.

    The sirens sing in an eerie choir, it’s as though its singing about our imminent doom. As I rush forward to the bridge with my fellow engineer, another large piece of ceiling falls, landing on fuel tanks, causing them to violently explode, they crackle like out of control fire works, sending streams of bright orange, and violent red which for a few moments coloured the ship, until they formed into proud, sporadic blazing flames of terror. The explosions cause heavy shakes every few seconds. However terrifying the situation is, we cannot afford to stop for a moment. I and my fellow engineer continue to make our way the bridge at rapid pace until finally we make it, panting and sweating.

    Sky Lane runs as fast as she can to the main computer and calls out to everyone with one simple order, meet up on the bridge. We engineers are split into multiple groups. I am assigned to fix the breaches on the bow. Jim is conscious now and is willing to to help with budding enthusiasm, despite the large lump on his head. My group hurries to the lower deck with welding equipment. On the way we pass a mysterious, stray, glowing, pale yellow cube, but I of course do not have time to properly examine it.

    Suddenly my legs begin to cave, the high pressure of the situation is becoming too much for me… I… I have to stop… can’t go on… Jim… Jim is comforting me, he is flamboyantly assuring me that if we can trust in the power of imagination, we can repair the ship, and if we have to, we’ll ensure we return home safely, bringing news of this grave threat to the Nexus Force so that their elite may strike it down. I think of Lisa, my sweet… innocent daughter Lisa… What would she possibly think if she knew this were happening?

    Why she’d be worried sick… she wouldn’t want to see her father giving up so easily! I pull myself together, and although I’m fighting my body’s desire to rest at every movement, I manage to climb a ladder leading to the roof. We put on our oxygen tanks and are handed scrap metal for welding on… thirty minutes have passed, but in spite of our best efforts, our blood, our sweat, and our tears, the ship is breaking faster than we can repair it. Sky Lane calls Bob and Jet Moonshoot to open the hypersleep pods and abandon ship. We put away our equipment and proceed to return to the bridge. Our mission now is simple, save the recruits, and escape to the nearby Avant Gardens.

    As we’re running, a large piece of a wall falls down and crushes Jim’s legs. I run over, to try frantically lifting the piece off, but it is too heavy. Sweat trickles down my forehead, adrenaline pumps through my body, and the only thought on my mind is to save Jim. My second effort involves me making use of my equipment and attempting to cut it up into smaller pieces. Jim cries out in agony and screams over and over that he doesn’t want to die, and that he has a family. Family… the very mention of the word causes me to shed a tear. Like me, Jim is a father, and I can’t simply let him go like that…

    More time has passed and I have finally lifted away the debris. But I’m too late… there is nothing left of his legs but torn, cracked bones, and loose, shredded flesh, and sadly he has lost too much blood. He shrieks out what may be his last words in pain, begging to save myself. I hesitate. I… I can’t let go of him… what would Lisa say… He shrieks out again, asking me what I’m doing!? And that I need to leave him! I tearfully nod, he is right… just as he always was… Jim is a brilliant man and a close friend to me, but although it pains me I have to leave him, he wants me to survive anyway.

    I’m now running through the ship, and the Maelstrom has landed! There are… these things… these terrifying creatures of hell! There’s seemingly endless amounts of them coming in three almost indescribable variants! They’re tearing through our guards! I continue to run throughout the ship, my and although I try to resist looking at them, my eyes are practically forcing me out of a stupid curiosity! As I stated before they are almost indescribable but I’ll do my best…

    The first one I see most often is strangely humanoid, its malevolent dark purple face, and skin are accompanied by beedy, disgusting red eyes, filled with murderous rage. They’re fashioned with crudely designed white armour, and carry massive hammers which tear through- They swung at me! I- I won’t die like the others! I jump over the hammer, frantically running behind cover.

    I peer out… oh god… the ship’s designer! They caught him! This vile, nightmarish creature… It… it’s like a spider! Its spewing out some kind of web! He’s suffocating… I can’t watch any longer! Wait… there’s a nearby fire! The smoke… it’s making me cough. I’m…

    Day 7, unknown

    I….my head… it aches…It feels as though the fires of hell themselves have emerged in my mind, they burn brightly, tearing at me from within… I… I need to get out of here! There… there is a fire and…Ack! My head…. It still hurts…

    …I’ve spent the last few minutes surveying my surroundings, I can now confirm that the area in my vicinity… now note that I haven’t stepped beyond my little refuge as of yet, is completely devoid of life. Silence… an eerie, terrible silence, takes hold of the entire ship. Aside from the occasional sparks of broken wires, and smoke which finds its way into the desolate, cold, metallic waste of a ship, I’m alone. Still I must keep moving, even before I awoke the horrifying creatures of the Maelstrom dominated the ship, taking advantage of their startled pray, they may yet still remain, and I must be careful…

    I’ve made it to the crew quarters. Fortunately I didn’t encounter a single creature on my way down here, though I don’t plan on taking my chances with the rest of the ship. Such creatures don’t simply hide after all. The past hour has been a blur. I woke up, my head aches, and still aches to some degree… it all happened so very fast, one minute we were on our mission, bound for Nimbus Station, delivering new recruits, and supplies to the Nexus Force. Now… now as far as I’m aware, it’s just me… alone… on this desolate wasteland of a crumbling ship, drifting through the vast dangerous territory of the Nimbus System alone.

    My stomach is throbbing, I must find food. There should be a refrigerator… Ah there it is, this ham sandwich should do nicely, I shan’t consume all my supplies at once as there is still a chance of rescue. This sandwich…I cannot help but shed a tear… I can feel my heart coming to a brief stop… Jim is written on the front. His death was a tragedy, its… it keeps going through my mind, it keeps repeating itself! Should I really have left him!? What’s the use… it doesn’t matter now, I’m going to die… I-I’m laughing! But I’m going to die! I don’t understand! I don’t understand any of it!

    …I apologise, I lost my train of thought… why am I apologising? Who am I talking to? In reality it matters not. Though I hold a naive hope that somebody… anybody, will stumble across this journal, I just hope I’m alive, and with my family… with Lisa, when it happens. In truth, if I want to survive the collapse of this vessel, and make it to safety I ought to come up with a sensible plan.

    I’ve been roaming the ship for ten minutes now, and after eating the sandwich my hunger is satisfied, and I should be able to hold out long enough without consuming any more food. I’m currently walking the bridge in between the two engines, the silence is eerie, never has once a busy, bustling ship, full of great promise proven to be so quiet.

    I’m once again yet to encounter the Maelstrom, yet still I plan on making my way to the emergency locker. Finding out my available resources is of course the first step to formulating such a plan. Ah here it is… just as we left it. I’ve found a few first aid kits, and a spare rank 1 buccaneer pistol, it appears to be fully loaded, although there doesn’t seem to be any spare ammo, so should I encounter the Maelstrom I’ll have to spend my bullets wisely.

    I find myself spinning the gun around in the palm of my hands, it stops, pointing directly at my face… Suicide? I won’t attempt it, not whilst there’s a chance of escape. I spin the gun again, and still it points directly at my face, sighing I spin it again, and then it points to my right, I look over and by sheer luck I find three stray crates, one for an engine, one for a nose cone, and one for a cockpit.

    My eyes light up, and I hurry over to the side pathway to collect the crates, perhaps escape won’t be so incredibly difficult after all! This is my chance, I must hurry! Wait… what’s that smell? A horrible blood like odour is polluting the air, I must investigate… I’ve found the source of the smell, its coming from behind the crates… Oh dear god! He’s dead! He’s dead! Ahem… I appear to have found a corpse of one of the crew members, its lying in a pool of surprisingly undried blood. I’m not sure what his role was, he seems to be dressed in civilian clothing.

    My heart is racing, this is truly a horrific sight. Whatever thing… killed this poor soul did so recently, as indicated by the pool of undried blood he now rests in. There doesn’t appear to have been a struggle, his death must have been extremely fast, and by the looks of it he’s still bleeding from the head. The fact that this was recent however… this man could have been me…

    I refuse to waste any more time, I must escape this now accursed vessel, now… let’s just open one of these crates and-ERROR COULD NOT RETRIEVE BOOLEAN REFRESHING DATA….my datapad seems to be cutting out! I’ve been knocked to the ground! The ship is rocking heavily, the crates have fallen below into a newly emerged roaring fire! There is smoke, and debris everywhere- The ceiling is collapsing! The platform is collapsing! All I can hear is the screech of weary metal as it crumbles ever further into the abyss of space.

    The ground cracks below me, I am forced to jump to a nearby platform, barely managing to grip the side of a platform. I then pull myself up, narrowly escaping death. Wait a moment… what was that!? I’m hearing a loud groan, a hungry groan, what it hungers for I do not know, yet for some reason its desire is easily discernible, even with the violent rocking of the ship. Red eyes… it has red eyes… -ERROR DAMAGE SUSTAINED TO DATAPAD, REFRESHING DATA- It almost destroyed my datapad! The screen has suffered minor damage, yet it still works, I just hope my writings are still eligible… Angrily the nightmarish creature swings its crude, and bloody hammer at me. Is it possible this is how the other survivor met his fate!?

    I fumble with my pistol, shakily pointing it at the creature, as I narrowly avoid its luckily unfocused thrashing of its hammer. I try firing a bullet, unfortunately I miss the head, and instead graze its arm, causing only a minor flesh wound. My heart is racing, every part of my body that can sweat is sweating- I’m pinned! This is the end! My last moments… the creature is angrily glaring at me, it appears to be savouring the moment… enjoying my pain… perhaps this is my chance! I kick the creature in the chest, causing it to stumble back, giving me the opportunity to escape being pinned down. Angered, the creature charges at me, growling as though it were a savage beast of the jungle! There is no time for further delay, I draw my pistol once again and fire! It hits the creature directly in the chest, piercing its armour, and causing it both internal, and external bleeding… its blood is an oozing, dark purple, and the odour is horrible, yet still its charging at me, and I musn’t let a repugnant odour deter me from firing another shot! Bam! I hit it square in the face, and it instantaneously falls to the ground, dropping its bloodied hammer.

    Good riddance I say, may the damn thing rot in hell for what it did! I pause for a moment, allowing myself time to catch my breath… did… did I really do it!? I did didn’t I? Yes! Yes! Its dead! I’m screaming, and laughing at the top of my lungs! Rot in hell you piece of- Mistake… that was a mistake… red eyes… I shouldn’t have screamed… lots of red eyes… I point my pistol frantically changing target, is it better to shoot the one to my right? To my left? Or the one in front of me? My hand shakes, and my blood runs cold as the sound of savage growling fills the air with fear. Without thinking, I fire twice at the first hammerling I see, one bullet hits the creature in the face, causing it to fall to the floor heavily bleeding its purple, oozing blood. The second misses the intended target, hitting a nearby wall and richochaing by sheer luck into the arm of a second Hammerling, yet it does little to deter the creature from charging forward. Swoosh! I hear the sound of a hammer behind me, ducking just in time, I then counter the creature’s attack by smashing my pistol into its neck, it stumbles back, still undeterred from attacking me.

    I fire my pistol again, yet no bullet emerges from the barrel. I try again, only to be greeted with a clicking sound. I’m out of bullets! The hammerling’s close in on me, their beady red eyes filled with hunger, and a lust for my death. Left with no other option, I jump up in the air, barely making it over the first hammerling, as I land I feel my ankle twist, I wince in pain, but still I waste no time running from the rampaging creatures.

    They chase me around the ship, never letting up, and with this twisted ankle I don’t believe I’ll be able to keep up my pace much longer. Eventually I come to a ledge. There’s a slim chance I can jump over, and make it to the crew quarters. My other option is of course… death. I turn back around, the hammerling’s are closing in, its now or never, and I’d rather jump than die to one of those hideous things!

    I jump over, almost falling into the vast, endless abyss, yet I manage to grab hold of the ledge. I attempt to pull myself up, when I hear the swoosh of a hammer. One of those disgusting creatures has thrown their hammer! It barely misses my head, instead it bounces off the ledge and falls into the abyss. I pull myself up, my ankle feeling as though it were dipped in lava. I can still hear the growls of the Hammerlings, as they wave their weapons at me in a taunting manner. But they seem unable to jump the ledge. I take off running once again, darting inside the crew quarters. I’ll rest for the next hour or so… I must come up with a new plan to escape my peril, especially after how close I was to death back there…

    Having considered my options, I believe the best course of action is to get a signal to the surface of a nearby world, and after some investigation it seems the closest is Avant Gardens. I can either use the bridge, which is of course too risky, but it would be effective should I be able to reach it. Or I can attempt to fashion a radio of my own, a much safer, yet slower option…

    I’ve spent some further time considering, and I’ve begun my search to procure parts for a radio. Assaulting the bridge is too risky, and no matter how long it takes I’m coming back alive… I miss Lisa… I miss the universe outside of the Nimbus System… I just hope she, and everyone else I know are okay.

    I’ve taken the lower deck to the rocket pads at the bow of the ship. I’ve ensured I’ve pulled the power cable, just to be safe. Hold on… I hear footsteps… loud… heavy footsteps… I take cover behind a crate, and when I peer out I find the source of the footsteps. A corrupted Assembly defence robot, and it appears to be accessing a system, unaware of the dangerously close cable, hanging directly next to it.

    Suddenly I hear sparkling, and crackling, the incompetent machine has caught itself on the wire! Sparks, and fissures of electricity are sent throughout the ship, causing a bright red light to fill the room, then I hear a loud crash! The mech has short circuited, it falls to the floor with a loud thud!

    The lightbulbs turn on, getting extraordinarily bright, yet as fast as they turn on everything shuts off! All the rocketpads but one burn up in smoke. Suddenly, the engines stop, and I feel a pull as the ship goes off course! I’m finding myself hyperventilating! I don’t know what to do anymore! I rush to the control panels, frantically pulling switches, and moving wires, praying that the power will magically come back on… Of course nothing has changed, and I fear my frantic, loose attempts at restoring power have only made my situation that much worse, and though I am an engineer, power and computing certainly isn’t my specialty… I remember seeing a power panel on the upper deck earlier, perhaps that will be the solution…

    I’ve made my way up the step ladders, and I’ve found the power panel! Unfortunately… there’s one of those monstrous spider things guarding it, and to make matters worse, it’s looking at me… It pounces directly at me! Pinning me to the floor! I find myself wrapped around in a web, I’m squirming! I’m doing all I can to stay in the fight! I-I can’t stop it! I spot a small piece of debris next to me, I manage to get my hand out, and I throw the piece of rubble as hard as I can in another direction.

    The Spider lifts its head up, seemingly losing interest in me. It walks off to investigate the noise. During that time, I rip my way out of the webs, furiously tearing them, and getting up on my feet again. Though my pistol is out of bullets, I can perhaps still use it as a melee weapon. I tip toe over to the Spiderling, its growling at the piece of debris, completely unaware of my presence behind its vulnerable head. Smash! I bash it over the skull, purple blood oozes out of what appears to be its brain, and stains my pistol, which I drop in panic as the creature turns around to face me again.

    It shoots webs in my direction, which I dodge by rolling out the way. Its charging at me now! Its destroying everything in its path! Perhaps I should have just ran!? Oh god… it’s still coming! I- I need to find a weapon! I frantically search my surroundings, eventually finding a piece of loose glass.
    Not a perfect, nor a safe weapon, but it’ll have to do! The beast charges at me again, and I narrowly avoid its attempts to pound my face with its legs. I roll underneath it, and stab it multiple times in its underbelly. It screams multiple times as I jab its internal parts, each scream more shrill, and terrifying than the last. Its blood is oozing everywhere, and I narrowly dodge it, rolling away from the beast’s underbelly, and stabbing it yet another time in one of its many legs.

    Finally the creature let’s out its last scream, and it collapses to the floor, its once terrifying, soul piercing orange eyes going completely dead. I feel a sharp pain in my hand…… I’m bleeding! I must have cut myself with the glass by mistake! I throw the blood stained glass to the side, frantically pulling out the first aid kit I took from the emergency locker…

    I’ve applied a band-aid, and have cleaned the wound… It still pains me, and it will take awhile for me to recover… I go up to the panel and open it. The ship lights turn a bright red hue, and the panel computer flickers to life, “Warning, emergency power active, oxygen levels low, some systems require immediate attention!” I read over the words on the screen multiple times. My speciality certainly isn’t computers, and it would be foolish to trifle with what I don’t understand once more.

    For now, I shall return to my quarters and find an oxygen tank, just in case the ship fails to sustain itself long enough for my escape. I shall continue my search to procure parts for a radio tomorrow…

    Day 8, unknown

    I don’t know how long its been since my last entry, I seem to have lost track of time… I’ve been forced to switch Oxygen tanks every so often. The process, the fear of running out… and eventually of course I will run out, has kept me awake at the time I have designated as “night” For now I’m staying up to avoid suffocating in my sleep, and writing is a perfect way to keep my mind active.

    I’ve considered my options for acquiring the parts to my radio for a while now… And I believe the best option is to acquire a new weapon, I came too close to death the last time I was out there on the ship…I’ve made my way into a storage room and have found find a large amount of scrap metal, its scattered across the floor in all different shapes and sizes. I can only assume that the Maelstrom’s assault has caused this.

    I start assembling, and fashioning pieces of metal together, yet nothing happens. I try imagining a gun, and waving my arms around, similarly to how Bob demonstrated earlier… Yet still nothing is working… All I can think about is escaping, all I can imagine is escaping, returning home to my friends, to Lisa… It’s strange… but as time has gone on I’ve found myself less and less able to imagine the face of my own daughter. But believe me, I’d do anything to feel her embrace again… simply imagining it is a cheap replacement for the real thing…

    This is incredible! I’m feeling a power course through my body! Through my veins! Its similar to what I felt when I was struck with that strange blue liquid that flowed out of the pipes when they burst! The power courses through my body, and as though its second nature I bring the scrap heap of metal together. Pieces of refuse take on a new form as various pieces of a what appears to resemble a shotgun! I start to form the the barrel, the trigger, the bullets themselves! Until finally the shotgun is complete! I feel a great sense of pride in holding it! This is sure to provide more than adequate protection against those hideous beasts!

    Once again I practice using my imagination, thinking of Lisa, and my desire to escape. I let loose, simply allowing the power of what I can only assume is pure imagination flow through me, as metal scraps fly around the room. I then curve the parts into shells, and fill them with gunpowder, neatly lining them up one by one into a newly fashioned metal box.

    I walk out onto the balcony as I load the new gun. Once loaded, I point it at a nearby Spiderling and fire, a burst of shells emerges from the barrel, causing multiple bullet holes to appear in the creature’s skin, almost instantaneously it lets out a large shriek of pain, crumpling to the ground moments after. The sound is glorious! Not stopping for a moment, I jump down, shooting at the nearby Maelstrom enemies, their screams of agony filling the air! I relish and celebrate every kill, laughing at my enemies as they hopelessly try fighting back! These horrible beasts are the creation of hell! They are inferior! And they do not deserve to live… not after what they did to me… and not after what they did to so many others before me! I kick the corpse of a Hammerling aside, spitting on its disgusting, mangled body….

    I stand around the many mangled corpses of my enemies… what has came over me? I’m sweating… my heart is racing… Although I hardly consider these creatures human… I can’t help but feel as though I allowed my usual rationality to be replaced with sheer, murderous insanity… perhaps no different from the beasts I slaughtered… My weapon is low on bullets, and I cannot afford to stop… I must resume my objective. Create a radio, and get a signal through to the nearby Avant Gardens. Having carefully calculated my options, I feel as though my best move is to move to the Captain’s Quarters for supplies. After all, I’m already running low on Oxygen, and soon I will be running low on food.

    My throat is raw and my legs ache… I’ve made my way to Skylane’s quarters in complete silence, not a single Maelstrom creature was encountered, yet the events of half an hour ago still flash through my mind… I never thought I was capable of such destruction. I look upon the door to Skylane’s room, and it seems as though it was hastily unlocked during the attack. I open it, and then close it behind me. On the desk is a Hardtack Biscuit, without thinking I eat the whole thing in one go, though I suppose that’s what happens when you’re absolutely famished. Next to it is a water bottle, which I drink too, draining every single drop… My time in Skylane’s office is accompanied by an eerie silence. I’ve looted practically everything I can, Oxygen tanks, scrap metal for more bullets, food, water… Yet now there is nothing left… I scan the room one last time, and my eyes meet a framed photograph of a young Bob and Skylane on her desk. Could they have been romantically involved? I take a deep breath, sitting down, and spinning my newly fashioned weapon on the desk… Similarly to last time it the barrel points directly at me… But no.. I will not… I will not commit suicide.

    Then my eyes meet the desk drawers… How could I possibly have missed those!? The first one contains a short sword. I flip it around in my hand, this should prove useful. The second one contains a key to the bridge computer, which will come in handy should all else fail… And the third one… The third one is a freezer. I find a box of quicksicles, and although the freezer hasn’t had power for a number of hours, it appears as though they are still solid enough to eat.

    Then in the final drawer there is a telephone! Perfect! I can wire it to the nearest… Suddenly I hear a loud screech come from inside the drawer. As I pick up the telephone, I find what appears to be a Rabbit of some sorts. Its chewing on the wire! I drop the phone, throwing it, and the rabbit against the wall.

    The rabbit lunges at my face, baring its teeth. Wasting no time, I swing my sword, beheading it. The rabbit whimpers as its head is sliced clean off, falling to the floor along with the rest of its body, purple blood spilling out from its remains…

    Yet surprisingly I feel no remorse for my latest kill… this one… this one feels natural, no matter what the creature, if it’s of the Maelstrom, it deserves death… With the resources I’ve gained here I can begin work on the radio tomorrow, and finally leave this accursed ship. I will return to my quarters, and I’ll continue to write more tomorrow.

    Day 9, unknown

    Today is finally the day I begin my escape, I’ve been heavily shaken by my experiences here… Once I… If I make it out, I’ll never be the same. It’s strange, as I’ve begun to relish in killing the Maelstrom creatures spread around the ship, yet in turn I can feel memories of what happened before the tragedy on the Venture Explorer fade away.

    Often, I find myself having to piece together how I got here… but when I do, I’m reminded… reminded of how I lost Jim, how I can’t even picture the face of my own daughter, how I’ve developed a violent obsession with the death of the Maelstrom… It’s painful, yet now I feel as though my time on this skeleton of a ship draw to a close.

    From my previous expeditions, I’ve gathered most of the materials I need, yet still one part is horribly evasive, an antenna. Most of the wires on this ship that would be usable are quite fickle, and could break easily. So I feel as though my best option is to upgrade a pre-existing radio, so that I may get a signal down to the surface. Some of the venture league guards carried them before perishing… and there is a chance their corpses are still discoverable, thus I can find myself a radio.

    I’ve searched the ship for many hours now, and can confirm I’ve indeed found a radio on a decaying, almost skeleton corpse of a Buccaneer. I’m not sure how the poor minifigure met their fate, but judging by the large lump in their skull, I can assume a Hammerling caught up to them… I suppose the Nexus Force isn’t as invincible as many from beyond the Nimbus system are led to believe.

    I retrieve the radio, its stained with blood, and there are strings of Spider’s web on it already, yet it still appears to work! As I mentioned before however, just this isn’t enough to send a signal through to Avant Gardens, I’ll need to return to my “quarters” to fully assemble my invention-ERROR DAMAGE SUSTAINED BOOLEAN IRRETRIEVABLE- I- DAMAGE SUSTAINED BOOLEAN IRRETRIEVABLE- They’re coming around the side! This is hardly what I expected after such silence. Spiderlings, Hammerlings, Mechs, all chasing me! I’ve managed to slaughter them as they come, even resorting to using my feet to harshly stomp on the eyes of Hammerlings should I happen to knock them down with my sword.

    Still they’re surrounding me, and with this sword, and my gun I’m carrying too much. I throw my sword into the eye of a Spiderling. It misses, yet still it grazes the Spiderling’s leg, although the creature seems unphased.

    I draw my gun shooting as many as I possibly can, and finding myself laughing maniacally as their bodies hit the floor… I feel it… it’s that same rush I felt when I slaughtered them before… My heart pounds, adrenaline runs through my veins, and my mind becomes fixated on one thought, slaughter them all. So I keep killing them, the mechs don’t have a chance to fire their poor lasers almost managing to target each other in the process! The Hammerlings can’t even get close enough without dropping dead to the floor, and the Spiderlings eerie scream fills my heart with a sense of joy. Eventually, just like before, they stop coming, and I find myself standing in the middle of a room full of Maelstrom corpses. They smell terrible, yet for some reason I feel hollow… Last time it was different… But this time, it’s as though I’ve lost all sense of emotion.

    Right now however, slaughtering more of these lesser beings is the least of my interest, I must build this radio and get a signal through to the surface… I’ve brought the radio back to my quarters, amazingly it still turns on. It shows me the current time, and even has the coordinates to Avant Gardens pre-programmed. I believe the battery will be enough to get a signal through to the surface, however as I mentioned before I will have to make certain modifications for it to work…

    I try to use my imagination to rebuild the radio, as I believe it will be faster, I try to imagine images of Lisa, images of returning home, but nothing happens, even the feeling of escaping isn’t strong enough for my imagination to flow once again. Instead, I feel that same hollow feeling I felt when I slaughtered the creatures of the Maelstrom just half an hour before.

    I let out a sigh, andI begin welding the pieces together the “old fashioned way”, strengthening, and upgrading the antenna, rewiring the insides to support the new modification, and lastly fashioning an extra sheet of metal as a layer of protection to the battery.

    At last, it’s finally time to test it, I will finally escape this hell, I will know what my daughter’s face looks like once again. I put on my oxygen tank, and head out onto the ships balcony, holding the radio up at the open roof, it turns on, and I’m able to get a signal to the surface-ERROR DAMAGE SUSTAINED BOOLEAN IRRECOVERABLE- My datapad still works, thank god… We’ve hit a storm of some sorts, the ship is heading through a mass of purple clouds, and is shaking violently, I almost lost my datapad… -ERROR DAMAGE SUSTAINED BOOLEAN IRRECOVERABLE- The ship lets out another heavy rock and I’m thrown against the glass, it shatters, and I start bleeding from the back of my head.

    the surface! I reach forward, grabbing my radio which fell from my hands moments before, I stagger slightly, but am able to keep my balance. I turn on the radio once again… nothing but static! I then look for the antenna, it’s completely missing, and isn’t anywhere in my vicinity, now all that remains are some exposed wires.

    Curse the Maelstrom! Curse this ship! The Nexus Force sent us on this mission, knowing it was pure suicide from the beginning, but of course only their soldiers matter! Not us engineers! Not us ordinary people! I’m going to die here, I’ll never see my daughter’s face again! I’ll spend the last of my days confined to this ship, until eventually my food supplies will stop, and I’ll starve to death… Or there is suicide, exactly what the universe seemed to be suggesting only days before, perhaps now it is an option…

    An hour or so has passed since my last writing, my radio still displays the time… Unfortunately, I can feel myself losing my rationality. Every so often I let out a laugh of insanity, my hands tremble, and I hyperventilate. In the midst of the chaos in my mind however, in the midst of all the thoughts of death, of damnation, one last option which I debated before springs to mind, assault the bridge, and use the computer to get a desperate signal through.

    It may indeed be suicide, but I’d rather attempt rescue, and I’d rather have people know there was someone alive on that ship, and it’s far better that my daughter knows what happened to her father, than living with uncertainty forever… Whatever my fate may be, I’ll find out tomorrow, for now I’m tired, I must heal the terrible wound in the back of my head, and I must sleep for what may be one last time.

    Day 10, 9:00

    I don’t know how many days have passed since the tragedy, I write it as ten, yet for all I know it could be more. Everything is now a blur to me, I feel as though I live in a hollow shell, a husk of a former man. Why? Simple, I cannot taste the food I eat any more, I cannot recall my past memories, the face of my own daughter. I do not feel emotion when I vanquish a Maelstrom creature, I do not feel fear, I cannot feel anything at all, because this accursed place has left me cold, and condemned to all hell.

    The blood that decorates my wound is crusty, my brain is numb, and my ears ring in between infrequent intervals. It has driven me more insane than I have ever thought possible. Still, I continue to walk the winding way to the heavily defended bridge, destroying the Maelstrom creatures as they ruthlessly charge me. This last daring attempt of escape is all that drives me, should I be successful, perhaps I will be granted another chance to live.

    As I reach the stairs, the ringing in my ears gets worse, and as a result I’m only narrowly able to hear, and avoid a laser blast from a Stromling Mech. I turn around, and there is a patrol of the blasted things! I roll under another laser, and return fire, destroying a singular mech, as several shells from my firearm strike its poorly fashioned skeleton in critical areas.

    I take cover behind a crate, reloading my gun, yet the Mechs do not relent, continuing to fire upon me, even though its apparent they will not be able to destroy my cover, nor reach me. It would be horribly inefficient to strike each mech off one by one, and time is of the essence here, with each passing second my chances of getting a clear signal through to the surface deteriorate, along with my hopes of survival.

    Fortunately I’ve fought enough of these crudely designed machines to know what their rather obvious weaknesses are. I step out of cover, almost immediately their tracking lasers shakingly target me and they fire, their laser blasts are slow, however, I harmlessly roll under them and end up between the four mechs, all of them surrounding me.

    Once again they turn on their tracking lasers, but just as they’re about to fire I jump into the air, right over one of the mechs, and as they fire their lasers they only manage to cause an explosion large enough to hit themselves, destroying them all. Suddenly, I sight my blood once again trickling down my arm, it seems as though the explosion grazed me, however after all I’ve been through I’ve become almost impervious to the pain.

    I equip the last of my first aid kits, dressing the wound, and continue on my way to the bridge. Unfortunately the computer is guarded by a singular mech, which of course shouldn’t be a problem. I fire a singular shot from behind its back, disabling it instantly, it falls to the floor with a loud thud. I turn the computer on, and am greeted with a message, “ERROR PREVIOUS TAMPERING DETECTED, CRITICAL DATA CARDS CONTAINING IMPORTANT, CLASSIFIED NEXUS FORCE INFORMATION MISSING!” Of course, we weren’t only delivering cargo and recruits, there was important data on this ship… leave it to the Nexus Force to keep valuable secrets in plain sight.

    This only makes my mission more urgent, I must send a message through. My heart is pounding, my hands are shaking, and my body is sweating from head to toe, I could be discovered and attacked at any moment, I’m a sitting duck whilst my back is turned. Despite this however, I’m able to send a message through: SOS trapped on SS Venture Explorer. Requiring assistance immediately. Urgent datacards containing valuable information left behind!

    I can only hope my message- I’m under attack! I look up to find herds of Hammerlings, charging at me in anger, Spiderlings making webs and on them to my position as though they were ziplines, every mech in the vicinity is charging me! I shoot as many as I can, bashing a nearby Spiderlings’ brain open with my rifle, yet still they continue coming! I fire, and keep firing, watching on as the corpses pile up at my feet, still they don’t stop coming!

    I duck as I hear the swoosh of a Hammer from behind my head, counter attacking with a kick to the Hammerling’s’ shin. It stumbles back, but as I look behind me I encounter several more… There’s too many of them! I’ll have to leave this Datapad behind, it’s too much extra weight! I’ll return later to finish recording when the Maelstrom are cleared!
    Error: Critical damage sustained to datapad. Proceeding to hibernate……


    YEE! That was fun to make


    Just finished it. I quite like it! 😀 It’s nice to actually consider the psychology we have when we grind stromlings, and how one would have come to such a psychology!

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