Wich enemy did you liked the most?

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    I liked the named enemies on crux prime the most because of they have a much cooler color. But if I have to name only one enemy I would say the Mech.


    I personally liked the Dark Ronin the most because I like samurai, which is why I chose sentinels and the Dark Ronin are samurai with a cool color scheme. Also gamersele I think they made the mech in Lego creator before LU came out


    The best enemy to my was the dragon on crux prime. Come on guys its a dragon


    I remember the days of Butterscorch… I’d be really interested in trying to solo her when we get that far. But my favourite enemy? Probably the Underhand. I want to see one so much! I remember getting my copy of the LEGO magazine, and getting really excited about it, and then the game closed before they were released.

    However, I’ve been reliably informed that there are the files in the game to allow one to technically be spawned in at some point in the future, although that doesn’t mean that lcdrU will be going down that route.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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