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    There are a quite lot of worlds but did you have a favorite world? What was so great about it? When did you got there? What did you do there the most?

    I liked Ninjago the most! It was for me hard to get to Frakjaw (Fire Boss). I was not able to find da wae so I had to look after players and see what they are doing if I remember correctly. But I also liked Crux Prime. I liked it that it is a battlefield with stronger enemies. Also I liked the minibosses (named enemies) and the area with the launchpad. If you still remember there were some turrets who kill enemies.This is also in Avant Gardens!


    I was f2p player, because I started playing late, when subscription wasn’t available, so I really miss Avant Gardens.


    I honestly don’t know, I don’t remember forbidden valley that well though it is cool and crux prime was great for fighting… Well all the worlds were amazing but I got my faction in nimbus station, I’ll go with gnarled forest because of pirate, bananas, and that where I got to test my faction gear


    I really miss Ninjago, at most because it was the last world i ever visited and i really liked the mechanic if inly new weapons doing any damage, which was really good, if you were already very strong at that point.


    Yes it was really nice


    Tough choice as I’m stuck between Venture Explorer, Nimbus Station, and Gnarled forest. Explorer was very nostalgic for me, while nimbus and gnarled were very memorable, had great themes, and fun racing 😀


    Gnarled Forest was easily my favorite. I had many fun races on the keelhaul canyon racetrack.


    The Nexus Tower was my favorite area.


    Ninjago was cool, but ultimately pretty pointless (other than the sushi delivery system which I never quite got my hands on), had it been better integrated into the overall game, I might have liked it more. Crux Prime still goes down as one of my favourite places ever, though, I think.


    I remember liking Portabello a lot for some reason. It was small and insignificant, but it was so full of charme. Crux prime had a lot of cool stuff to do, but I think Gnarled Forest wins for me because of how well everything there comes together.


    Most definitely Forbidden Valley.. it was so ominous, but peaceful; I loved the massive tree that it contained too. The enemies in that area were cool, and it was home to my favorite drop in the game. (the Messenger Bag)


    It is a hard choice between Crux Prime and Forbidden Valley. I enjoyed Crux Prime, there was always lots happening to join in with, but Forbidden Valley had lots you could do. Taming pets, farming the horsemen, dragon instance, I used to enjoy soloing the dragons there. And that crazy race track. And you could build as well. It was often quite quiet with a lot of atmosphere to it so could feel rather spooky as well.


    I miss avant gardens, mostly because thats where I spent most of my time in the alpha/beta and have the most memories of the game there, besides that would be gnarled forest, i love the jungle stuff

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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