Alpha opening selections

Hello everyone!

It’s been a week since the application phase ended, and now it’s time to announce the results.

First of all, thanks to everyone who submitted an application. There were even more applications submitted than last time, and after discounting duplicates, the total number is 616 applications, including everyone who applied last time. You keep outperforming my expectations 😛 I’m glad that the community shows no signs of dissolving or diminished interest even though it’s now 7 years since the game closed. I’m confident the day will come when everyone will be able to play the full game again, and I’m glad to know the community will still be around.

This opening has also shown some weaknesses in the current application processing infrastructure. There was no easy way to double-check whether your application was still recorded if you had submitted one last time, and also no easy way to check that your application was submitted properly if you submitted it in this opening. The integration with website accounts, discord, and the LU server itself also isn’t ideal at the moment. For future applications, I’d like to develop an interface where you can submit an application and check on its status later on, maybe even as an interface of the LU server itself.

Because of this uncertainty in whether your application had been processed, some users submitted additional applications under the same name. Of course, these won’t disqualify you from the alpha, and we’ve also taken steps to ensure everyone is only counted once.

I’ve taken the time and read through every application that was submitted, and they’ve been a great read, with many of you putting a lot of effort into detailing your memories of this game. Thank you all for sharing these nostalgic moments.

There were a lot of wonderful applications, and it’s sad we can’t select all. I really hope we’ll be able to do another opening soon, so that you’ll have another chance at getting to play the game. However, today, let’s take a look at the selections for the current alpha opening.

We’re randomly selecting 20 players out of 616 applications, which means if you entered you have a 3.24% chance of being selected.

The selected player for the alpha opening are:

  • ArieegeeCZ
  • Caminon
  • Darklair
  • Drakensin
  • FrostEST
  • JWGrieves
  • LegoFan222
  • Masterkdt
  • ShockPain
  • Smurdy
  • TacklessSix5
  • TheLegorza
  • Turtlegaming5
  • Wheathan
  • WhovianForever
  • andrew
  • fffffplayer1
  • gamera2001
  • iSetless

Congratulations to all of the above. The selections are quite varied, some applied this opening, some applied last time; some were FTP players, some were members, and some never got the chance to play.

If you’re one of the selected, check your mail, info on how to connect has been sent to your mail address. (Check your spam folder too, just in case.) If you’re not one of the selected you may still have a chance in later selections, there will be a number of openings in the future.

I’m glad to welcome 20 new testers to the server. Every opening brings us one step closer to having the full game working again.

See you all in-game!

– lcdr

Written on April 16, 2019