pub struct CharacterConstruction {
Show 48 fields pub claim_code_1: Option<u64>, pub claim_code_2: Option<u64>, pub claim_code_3: Option<u64>, pub claim_code_4: Option<u64>, pub hair_color: u32, pub hair_style: u32, pub torso_color: u32, pub legs_color: u32, pub torso_decal: u32, pub eyebrows_style: u32, pub eyes_style: u32, pub mouth_style: u32, pub account_id: u64, pub last_logout: u64, pub prop_mod_last_display_time: u64, pub u_score: u64, pub is_free_trial: bool, pub total_currency_collected: u64, pub total_bricks_collected: u64, pub total_smashables_smashed: u64, pub total_quickbuilds_completed: u64, pub total_enemies_smashed: u64, pub total_rockets_used: u64, pub total_missions_completed: u64, pub total_pets_tamed: u64, pub total_imagination_powerups_collected: u64, pub total_life_powerups_collected: u64, pub total_armor_powerups_collected: u64, pub total_distance_traveled: u64, pub times_smashed_count: u64, pub total_damage_taken: u64, pub total_damage_healed: u64, pub total_armor_repaired: u64, pub total_imagination_restored: u64, pub total_imagination_used: u64, pub total_distance_driven: u64, pub total_time_airborne_in_a_race_car: u64, pub total_racing_imagination_powerups_collected: u64, pub total_racing_imagination_crates_smashed: u64, pub total_racing_car_boosts_activated: u64, pub total_racing_wrecks: u64, pub total_racing_smashables_smashed: u64, pub total_races_finished: u64, pub total_first_place_race_finishes: u64, pub transition_state: TransitionState, pub gm_pvp_info: Option<GmPvpInfo>, pub current_activity: Option<GameActivity>, pub social_info: Option<SocialInfo>,


claim_code_1: Option<u64>claim_code_2: Option<u64>claim_code_3: Option<u64>claim_code_4: Option<u64>hair_color: u32hair_style: u32torso_color: u32legs_color: u32torso_decal: u32eyebrows_style: u32eyes_style: u32mouth_style: u32account_id: u64last_logout: u64prop_mod_last_display_time: u64u_score: u64is_free_trial: booltotal_currency_collected: u64total_bricks_collected: u64total_smashables_smashed: u64total_quickbuilds_completed: u64total_enemies_smashed: u64total_rockets_used: u64total_missions_completed: u64total_pets_tamed: u64total_imagination_powerups_collected: u64total_life_powerups_collected: u64total_armor_powerups_collected: u64total_distance_traveled: u64times_smashed_count: u64total_damage_taken: u64total_damage_healed: u64total_armor_repaired: u64total_imagination_restored: u64total_imagination_used: u64total_distance_driven: u64total_time_airborne_in_a_race_car: u64total_racing_imagination_powerups_collected: u64total_racing_imagination_crates_smashed: u64total_racing_car_boosts_activated: u64total_racing_wrecks: u64total_racing_smashables_smashed: u64total_races_finished: u64total_first_place_race_finishes: u64transition_state: TransitionStategm_pvp_info: Option<GmPvpInfo>current_activity: Option<GameActivity>social_info: Option<SocialInfo>

Trait Implementations

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Deserializes the type by reading from the reader.
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Auto Trait Implementations

Blanket Implementations

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Immutably borrows from an owned value. Read more
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Returns the argument unchanged.

Calls U::from(self).

That is, this conversion is whatever the implementation of From<T> for U chooses to do.

The type returned in the event of a conversion error.
Performs the conversion.
The type returned in the event of a conversion error.
Performs the conversion.